Destash Application

Applications to vend during the MKE Destash Event 2022 are NOW CLOSED!!!

DESTASH 2022 will be held in-person on: Sunday, March 6th from 11-3pm 

I'm crazy excited to be working with Brandon Minga of  The House of RAD MKE  and Mingadigm to bring you another really great event!!

The House of RAD MKE, located in Riverwest, is an artist collective space and where Destash will be held this year. We're getting in on the uptake of their transition into their new larger space before they even move in! So we will have a big pretty much empty, open space to work with and will be better able to distance!! More than likely masks will be required for vendors and patrons. There is also a very long hall where patrons will enter for the event and line up out of the cold! Beverages and treats will be served while they wait. There is loading dock entry right into the event space for easy load-in. We're in conversations with a couple local tasty craft breweries, food trucks and potentially a jazz band :)

The MKE Destash Event pages on Instagram  and  Facebook  will work as the central hubs for the event where we will ALL work COLLECTIVELY to post our destash offerings and build hype behind this super fun annual event. I will be working in the background shuffling around and reposting your deals and announcements. We'll also have paid advertisements running on both platforms. 2022 marks the year that I will become a stickler on doing your part to post. It's a matter of fairness to the group and everyone's help does so much!! 3 posts seems fair as a minimum-those that don't post, won't be invited back.

Booth Fee: $65   Minimum of 6 x 5 booth but very likely larger

The booth fee is a bit higher this year, I am sorry, I try to keep it as low as possible and I've set the entry fee to $3 instead of $2. The space has a higher cost, we need to get porter potties, and I plan to have sanitizing stations and extra masks available.


Now in our SEVENTH!!! year, the Destash event was started in 2016, as a means for makers to re-coup funds from the previous year's work in order to support fresh new projects and aspirations for the new year. Makers of all levels are encouraged to apply however we do give preference to those who are supporting themselves through the sale of their work either part or full-time. 

**Note that "destashing" is different than just putting a sale on your normal goods-that is a NO-NO, save those pieces for your shops or in person shows where you can get full price. The Destash event is a place where you can sell off your slightly flawed or imperfect items, your overstock, your experiments/prototypes, pieces that are out of season, pieces you've become bored with AND your EXCESS SUPPLIES.

In the past some makers have created a product from their scrap that they only sell during Destash, they've put together surprise goodie bags, they've created test pieces throughout the year feeling comfortable doing so because they have an end resource (The Destash Event!!) where they can recoup those test funds. And don't forget to save room on your table for excess supplies!! Nothing feels better than clearing space and knowing that those supplies will now go on to inspire someone else's creativity!!!