Destash Application

Destash 2021 will be held VIRTUALLY on Sunday, Feb 21st from 10-6pm. 

The MKE Destash Event pages on Instagram  and  Facebook  will work as the central hub.

The Destash event was started in 2016, as a means for makers to re-coup funds from the previous year's work in order to support fresh new projects and aspirations for the new year. Makers of all levels are encouraged to apply however we do give preference to those who are supporting themselves through the sale of their work either part or full-time. 

This year we are opening the event up to Milwaukee brick and mortar small businesses and local restaurants/coffee shops/bars to help give them a boost too <3

Because of how the directory is going to work with sharing and moving around info, ***YOU MUST HAVE A FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT TO PARTICIPATE*** BUT you can direct people from your page to wherever you're holding your sale online.

All Eateries that want to offer a special to our patrons can jump down to fill out the application below and will be given 1 free listing spot to showcase your deal. We assume that measures to prevent the spread of Covid19 are being practiced and delivery or take out options are available.

For Makers and Brick & Mortar Shops: we are offering listings on the Destash IG page and/or FB Event page for $15. One fee covers both pages. A listing in the Directory will essentially be 1 post outlining all the details for your sale and can include up to 10 pictures of your goods. In the weeks/days leading up to the event and during, we'll be asking all accepted participants to submit your Directory Listing by simply posting it to your account and tagging with @mkedestashevent and #mkedestash2021, you'll tag your posts with this as well. We'll be working the switchboard in the background searching for those tags and commenting, liking, and reposting to the Destash pages and stories. The $15 listing fee will go, for the most part, to paid advertisements and a bit for coordinating. 


By scrolling the Destash pages on Sun, Feb 21, 2021 from 10-6 or by simply search the hashtag #mkedestash2021 to see everything everyone has to offer.


Shoppers can make their own IN SEARCH OF posts to connect with local makers and businesses who might have what they're looking for by tagging #mkedestashevent and #mkeiso2021, we'll share these posts to help you connect with makers for custom handmade pieces or design work, material/equipment queries, non-profits or schools in search of certain project materials

The Rules For Makers and Small Businesses:


You are allowed to sell overstock, slightly flawed, out of season or discontinued items and art supplies at this event. We have no fixed parameters for the discount but past events have shown that discounts of 30-50%+ off perform the best. 

Participants in the Destash Event are responsible for taking all payments and filing all appropriate sales tax. Makers are also responsible for coordinating shipment of any purchases and/or SAFE, no/low contact local pick up.

Since there's no space limitations for a virtual event, we are keeping sign up open until Sun, Feb 7th at midnight. The more the merrier!! Watch your inbox for a confirmation letter with payment information and other details.

Destash 2021 Maker Application: