8th Annual

MKE Destash Event Logo Milwaukee WI Handmade Art Sale

Applications Are Closed





11-3 pm

@ The House of RAD MKE 

What is The MKE DESTASH Event? DESTASH started in 2016, as a means for makers to re-coup funds from the previous year's work in order to support fresh new projects and aspirations for the new year. Makers of all levels are encouraged to apply however we do give preference to those who are supporting themselves through the sale of their work either part or full-time. 

**Note that "destashing" is different than just putting a sale on your normal handmade goods-that is a NO-NO, save those pieces for your shops or in person shows where you can get full price! The Destash event is a place where you can sell off your slightly flawed or imperfect items, your overstock, your experiments/prototypes, pieces that are out of season, pieces you've become bored with AND your EXCESS SUPPLIES.

In the past some makers have created a product from their scrap that they only sell during Destash. They've put together surprise goodie bags and they've given back to the community by donating all or a portion of their sales! This year, we once again want to include MORE and are inviting more interactive vendors and artisan services to apply. 


 About our Venue:  The House of RAD MKE - is an artist collective space located in the Riverworks district of Milwaukee, WI. They recently expanded to include an adjacent, large, open, industrial space. Destash will take place in BOTH the House Of Rad and the event space. 

How it works: The MKE Destash Event pages on Instagram  and  Facebook  will serve as the central hubs for the event where ALL participants work COLLECTIVELY to post their destash offerings the weeks leading up to the event. I, Kamryn, your event coordinator (hi!) will be working in the background shuffling around and reposting everyone's deals and announcements. Participants are required to have a social media presence on either Instagram and/or Facebook. ***Each participant is required to post a minimum of 3 posts. We suggest something like this, though most vendors post much more: 1.) I'm participating in Destash!  2.) These are my deals! 3.) See you tomorrow for all the fun! Those that don't post, won't be invited back. Then, we come together on event day to throw our community a thank you party and DESTASH!!!